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Actors agency

In 2002, the "RodArs Film" (ex "Fox Film") Talent Agency was established within the Russian market to promote and provide the services of actors and models available for employment. For eight highly successful years, our team has facilitated an enormous number of castings. These include the casting of actors and models for numerous Russian movies and television serials, hundreds of commercials, and many other creative projects, both our own and those of our partners. Currently, the "RodArs Film" Talent Agency's database contains over 5000 professional actors and models.

Our team has cast artists within numerous movies and television series. These include:

  • «Semiramide» - Paradise Movie Company
  • «Breakage» - Paradise Movie Company
  • «Prison Camp» - Russian World Studios Movie Company
  • «Atlantis» - Russian World Studios Movie Company
  • «Young and Malicious» - Russian World Studios Movie Company
  • «Don't Be Born Beautiful» - A-Media Movie Company
  • «My Beautiful Nurse» - A-Media Movie Company
  • «Thirty-year-olds» - A-Media Movie Company
  • «Luba, Children and Factory» - A-Media Movie Company
  • «Raiders» - Twindy Movie Company
  • «Private Cabby» - Twindy Movie Company
  • «Club» - UMP Movie Company
  • «Putsh Unknown» - UMP Movie Company
  • «Marshal Tukhachevsky's Mistake» - UMP Movie Company
  • «Aleksandrovskyi Garden» - Pimanov and Partners Movie Company
  • «Engagement Ring» - Tele Roman Movie Company
  • «School» - Profit Movie Company

Additionally, our team carried out casting for commercials for the following companies:

McDonald’s, Danone, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Volkswagen, Nestle, Maggy, Kit Kat, Mars, Coca-Cola, IKEA, Nokia, Pepsi, MTS, Megafon, Bee Line, Rosbank, Alfabank, Sberbank of Russia, plus many others.

Our partners include:

Dago, Just Production, Bazelevs, DTV-MA, Yarche, A.C. Production, IWS Production, Park Production, Metra Film, Adrenalin Brothers, Action Film, Paradise Group, Evolution Film, UMP, A-Media, Gelvars Cinema, InterCinema, and RWS.

All actors presented in our catalog have extensive acting experience in Russian, European, and American full-length films, with many speaking fluent English. For more information on our actors or actresses, please send inquiries to our e-mail address.

Please note that this presentation provides only a fraction of our actors and models. As mentioned, our agency's catalog includes more than 5000 professional actors and models from Russia and CIS countries.

We will gladly answer any questions. Please direct inquiries to: info@rodarsfilm.ru